Blogmas, Day 21: Acts of kindness this Christmas

How people have given back this Christmas ❤


4 days to go! Christmas is nearly here ❤ are we all ready?

Among all the wrapping and shopping and general prep of Christmas it’s important to remember what’s going on around us. Over the past month I’ve come across a few stories, either on the news or on here from other bloggers, about their acts of kindness. I wanted to share with you today a few of my favourites. Grab your tissues, or a glass of wine and take a look at these lovely stories ❤


Bloggers doing their part

I came across this when a blogger that I follow shared it on their page to raise awareness. I think it’s such an easy and effective idea. Hugh has asked for bloggers to fill his Christmas tree with links to our blogs. For every link and comment that we leave ‘under the tree’ he will donate £1 to Dogs Trust until he reaches 200 links.

It’s a great way to spread awareness and raise some money for charity, and it also shares the love around the blogging community. It doesn’t cost you anything but a few minutes of your time.

Spreading Christmas cheer

This story is a little tear jerker, so grab your tissues! An elderly man of 87 wrapped up Christmas presents for his neighbour to give to their daughter up until her 16th Christmas before he passed away. It’s unknown as to whether this was something he had been planning over the years, or if he decided to do it soon before his passing.

Of course we all look after the elderly and remember them always, and at Christmas, but it’s lovely to read that this chap hadn’t lost his Christmas spirit even later on in his life.

Beautiful ❤

Knitting Nana’s

I love stories like this. Maisie, at 89, has knitted around 450 blankets and coats for the doggies at Dogs Trust over the years. She’s turned 2 things she loves into something beautiful. It’s such a happy and adorable story that just put a smile on my face when I saw it.

Hotel’s stepping up

Whilst this starts as a bit of a downer of a story, that’s not what I wanted to focus on. A hotel in Hull has stepped up to host 28 homeless people for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with accommodation, breakfast and dinner. A cafe owner had raised the money needed to pay the hotel for the 2 night stay for the homeless and was furious when they cancelled with no explanation. How bad is that?!

But the new hotel saved the day and has honoured the arrangements at their own hotel. Faith in humanity is restored!

Raystede shoebox appeal

This is the charity that we supported this year. You can see our goody box that we put together. Lots of charities get supported this way and it’s such a great idea because you can just put a few little things together. Raystede had a massive collection of over 300 boxes and bags that were put together for the appeal. Majority were taken along from all the collection points and others were taken along directly. I ran out of time to get ours to a collection point so I took it over at the weekend and it was actually really lovely to give it directly to them. The lady on reception said she was taking it to the doggies straight away, and just to hear that made me so happy 🙂

So a super successful turn out to help animals in need at Christmas ❤


I love reading heart warming stories, because it’s so easy to get self consumed with Christmas that it’s important to take a step back, even for 2 minutes to see what others are doing and appreciating their time and efforts.

Are there any stories you’ve come across or been apart of this year?

Em x



One thought on “Blogmas, Day 21: Acts of kindness this Christmas

  1. Hi Em, thank you so much for linking to my 2018 Christmas charity appeal in aid of the Dogs Trust. I’m still looking for links to blogs to be left under the Christmas tree, so please do pop by and introduce yourself and leave a link to your blog, too.
    Merry Christmas 🎄

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